Belted Aussie Ledge Named Steve Writes Agro Reply To Note From Sober Self

Hot tip: trying to reason with your future drunk self will most likely result in an argument… with yourself.

Aussie bloke Steven Davidson, from Western Australia, tried to do his sober self a solid by leaving behind a note for his drunk self to read after a night on the booze, with helpful instructions on how to stave off his impending hangover.

The 30-year-old’s gentle suggestions included drinking a bottle of water (rehydration is crucial, fam) and gnawing on a few chicken wings to line the ol’ stomach before bed.
But this didn’t go down well with Drunk Steve, who clearly thought ‘No cunt tells me what I can and can’t do, especially not myself’ before scrawling a hilariously aggressive reply Sober Steve discovered in the morning.
“When I woke up it took a while until i actually saw the note and had a good giggle,” Steve told PEDESTRIAN.TV.
Lucky for us his mate Tarryn it posted to Twitter:

The scribbled-out sections are likely the result of confusion about which Steve Steve was talking to.

We, for one, would very much like to have a beer with Drunk Steve.
Source and photo: Twitter / @Tarryntino.