Belle Gibson’s Mum Angrily Refutes Her Troubled Childhood Claims

Earlier this year, The Whole Pantry creator Belle Gibson was exposed as a fraud, making the surprise admission that her story of surviving cancer through healthy eating was completely made up.

After it was revealed that she would not face criminal charges in relation to funds raised for charities but never given, she gave a frank interview to Women’s Weekly, admitting to the lies she had told.
That interview itself is now being called into question, by Gibson’s mother Natalie, who has angrily refuted her daughter’s claims about a troubled childhood.
In her Woman’s Weekly interview, Gibson described the struggles she faced while growing up:
“When I started school, my mum went, ‘My daughter is grown up now’. All of a sudden I was walking to school on my own, making school lunches and cleaning the house every day … It was my responsibility to do grocery shopping, do the washing, arrange medical appointments and pick up my brother. I didn’t have any toys.”

“What a lot of rubbish,” her mother said in response, per reports in News Limited.
“I’ve practically worked myself into an early grave to give that girl everything she wanted in life.”

In her interview, Gibson also claimed to be unsure whether her mother was alive or dead. 
Natalie, who is still alive and clearly not amused, has demanded that her daughter “apologise and dedicate years of her life to repaying the debt she [owes], including volunteering for cancer charities.”  
Belle Gibson herself has yet to respond.