Bar Tsar Justin Hemmes Finally Names Bébé And Heir To Merivale Throne

Hospitality tycoon and head of the Merivale empire Justin Hemmes has announced his baby daughter’s name in a cute-as-chips post on Instagram: Alexa Merivale Hemmes.

Alexa Merivale Hemmes ??????

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Yes, the baby’s middle name is Merivale. And YES, Hemmes, 42, has a multi-million dollar business called Merivale.

But Alexa Merivale Hemmes is NOT named after the empire, as far as we can tell: Hemmes told the Daily Tele that she was named after Hemmes’ mother, the milliner Merivale Hemmes, for whom the business was named.

Completely besotted ??

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Hemmes’s girlfriend, 25-year-old New Zealand model Kate Fowler, gave birth to the bub on November 4.

“The most magical moment imaginable,” she wrote on Instagram. “Yet you continue to enchant us more and more each day. We cannot wait to share our lives with you.”

Hemmes is being equally adorable about his brand new baby / baby mama, telling the Daily Tele about the former, “She’s adorable. It’s the most wonderful experience,” and about the latter, “I just discovered a whole new level of love and respect for my partner.”

Grats, guys.

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