Banksy art attacked

An artwork (before and after pictures above) by Banksy, the enigmatic London-based artist, has been vandalised over the weekend leaving the valuable piece in a worthless condition, possibly forever. Who the hell does that?

The Little Diver stencil was protected from the elements with a piece of plastic screwed onto the Nicholas Building wall it lived on in Melbourne. But the poor little chap didn’t stand a chance against the vandals, as silver paint was poured behind the plastic and down its less-than-one-metre stature.

Rumours say that the destruction of The Little Diver is an act of retaliation from a New Orleans figure touted by locals as the “Grey Ghost”. He was mocked by Banksy in some artworks earlier this year during a visit to the city.

The Grey Ghost name comes from the colour he has used to paint over murals, street art and graffiti not deemed as art by himself and other anti-graffiti activists.

A message was left behind by the mysterious art attackers: “Banksy woz ere”.

I have one too: Pick on someone your own size!