Bali Nine Pair Given 72 Hours’ Notice Of Execution

Convicted Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran have received formal notification of their coming executions, which could be less than 72 hours away. 
On Saturday, the pair’s lawyer Julian McMahon traveled to Nusakambangan Island, where they are being held, to brief them on the situation.
Under Indonesian law, the minimum amount of notice that can be given to prisoners before their executions is 72 hours – per ABC News reports, the pair now believe they will be killed on Tuesday night.
After the briefing, the pair’s lawyers returned to the mainland with three new self portraits by Sukumaran, who has become a renowned painter in prison.
The first canvas, dated yesterday and still wet, was inscribed ‘The 72 hours just started.’ Another carrying yesterday’s date said /Our new prints: A bad sleep last night.’ A third, from April 24, was called ‘Strange Day’. 
Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has assured Chan and Sukumarn’s families that official clemency appeals will continue, while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has also appealed to the Indonesian government to halt the executions.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott commented from Gallipoli, saying he does now know when the pair will be killed. “I guess there’s always hope while there’s life but obviously these are late days,” he said.
The Indonesian government have reiterated that the 72 hour period is just a minimum, and it may wait longer if it chooses.

Photo: Jewel Samad / AFP via Getty Images