Urban Dictionary Defines “Had A Bad Day” In Honour Of NSW Cop Who Kicked Indigenous Teen

Mick Fuller, Bad Day

The phrase “had a bad day” now has its own official definition on Urban Dictionary, after comments made by NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, in defence of an officer who kicked an indigenous teen during an arrest.

The officer in question is currently the subject of a professional standards command investigation, after footage emerged this week that showed him kicking a teen’s feet out from under him before handcuffing him face-down.

Fuller spoke with 2GB’s Ben Fordam about the incident. When asked how the situation might have been handled differently, and what consequences the officer might face, he said:

“Officers will make mistakes .. the officer in question has been in the police force for around three and a half years, he’s got a clean history and by all accounts he’s a good police officer … the fact that this officer doesn’t have a chequered history and hes been in for three and a half years .. if [there’s] a complaint sustained against him, you’d have to say he’s had a bad day.”

The comments immediately drew anger, with many wondering how else this justification might be used. Sydney comedian Harry Jun was one of these, so he took to Urban Dictionary to define the phrase:

“Had a bad day”: An excuse used by cowards, the morally bankrupt, and men with weak-chins to grant legal immunity. Often used by police officers and/or the Comissioner of the New South Wales Police Force.”

The teenager was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital after the arrest, and was discharged in a satisfactory condition on Monday night.

His sister has called for the officer to be charged for his “unnecessary and irresponsible” actions during the arrest, to send a message that police should not feel “entitled” to abuse indigenous people.