Australian Scientists Discover Ghastly Sea Dong, Name It The ‘Peanut Worm’

Let it never be said that Australian scientists aren’t as thoroughly committed to taking the piss as the rest of the population. 
Case in point: the very recently discovered “peanut worm“:

Hmmm… Are you sure that’s how you spell it? 
The research team from Museums Victoria dredged up a whole swathe of new horrors from the deep while surveying a part of Australia’s oceanic topography called the eastern abyss
Not only did they find the above ghostly mermaid dildo – they also heaved to the surface in a quivering mass the nightmarish faceless fish:
Image: Robert Zugaro
The cookie cutter shark:
Image: Robert Zugaro
The coffin fish:
Image: Robert Zugaro
And the dragon fish:
Image: Robert Zugaro
But obviously people are only interested in one thing: the big sea D.

Why’s it called the peanut worm, you ask? Apparently because when it’s threatened it shrinks up and looks like a penis peanut. 
Yeah. Sure it does. 
Image: Robert Zugaro.