Australian Man Says He Was Asked To Remove ‘Offensive’ Pro-Palestine Shirt Before Boarding Flight

A man boarding a flight in Brisbane has reported that he was asked by flight staff to remove an “offensive” shirt in support of Palestine before boarding.

Sydney-sider Doug Cronin says that he was trying to fly from home from Brisbane airport when he was approached by staff from Virgin Australia who took issue with his shirt.

The shirt was a simple black tee with the print of a hand holding a key, and the words “Justice for Palestine” written below it in white text, as well as some Arabic writing below which translated to “Freedom for Palestine.”

Same shirt worn by Cronin on the shirt’s website. Source: PSD.

Cronin claims on SBS news that he was then asked to speak to a supervisor where he asked why he had been asked to change shirt, and was then told that “people find your shirt offensive.”

When he pressed further the Virgin staff member expressed that the article of clothing was “too political” and that there had been complaints from other passengers about his shirt.

Then when the supervisor disputed that the shirt was similar to those C-U in the N-T shirts, which Cronin protested was completely different, he ultimately decided to change his clothing.

Cronin in his “offensive” shirt. Credit: SBS

Cheekily he elected to wear another Pro-Palestine shirt, though one that he claims was more subtle. He did not get any complaints for the new shirt.

Cronin said he found the request ridiculous, and also the idea that someone would take offence at him supporting “Justice for Palestine” which he interprets as a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas.

“We are at a point here where we can’t even just demand a ceasefire,” Cronin exclaimed.

Though there was recently a brief seven day ceasefire in which the the two sides freed hundreds of hostages, it is now over and the relentless destruction of Gaza has begun again.

Virgin Australia have not commented on the reported incident.