Australian Gamer Charged After Allegedly Assaulting His Wife While Streaming

Australian streamer MrDeadMoth has been charged with assault after he allegedly hit his pregnant wife during a Fortnite stream.

The Western Sydney man was broadcasting via Twitch when he and his 21-year-old wife began arguing in front of their two young children. The conflict quickly escalates to physical violence off camera, but can clearly be heard as the audio continues to be captured.

“Can you not? I said I’ll be out soon,” he says. “No computer, I’m sick of this shit,” his wife responds. The streamer is then seen to disappear off camera before the sound of a slap and his crying wife can be heard. The couple’s children can also be heard off camera and likely witnessed the assault.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I said I’d be out soon,” he continues. A video of an earlier altercation has also surfaced, showing MrDeadMoth leave his computer followed by the sound of his wife and child sobbing.

According to NSW Police, the footage was captured at about 8:30 pm on Sunday night, shortly after which a viewer contacted Camden Police and reported the incident. The 26-year-old gamer was arrested and charged with assault at about 11:30 pm the same night. He will appear in Camden Local Court this Thursday.

Both Twitch and Twitter have banned his accounts.

If you or someone you know is affected by sexual assault or family violence, call the 1800RESPECT hotline or visit You can also call the Domestic Violence Hotline on 1800 656 463.