Australia Zoo’s Named 4 Of Their Tiny Meerkats & They’re Too Cute To Boot

It seems it’s not just the lucky punters down at Canberra‘s National Zoo that get to meet sweet tiny meerkats this year, as Australia Zoo in Queensland have not only landed themselves with 10 meerkats in their new enclosure, but four of them have now copped themselves names.

The Australia Zoo have been blessed with a whole gang of meerkats, who can stand up on their hind legs like a bunch of Rory Calhouns. So precious, so pure, we are so unworthy of their presence.

The meerkat family you’ve probably met a million times before while waiting for your TV stories to come back from an ad break – yep, the ones from – took it upon themselves to ask the public what the should name the wee darlings and folks, I’m proud to report that ‘Katty McKatface’ did not make the cut. Thank God.

So please, let me introduce you to the little dears, Maya, Katia and Matilda, and their proud mum, Molly.


Don’t mind me, I’m just quietly weeping at my desk over how adorable this little fam is. I’m fine.

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