Aussie Vets Warn Against Letting Yr Doggos Go Ham On Your Xmas Leftovers

It didn’t take long for a photo of chubby lil’ pupper who’d eaten an entire Christmas turkey to go batshit viral, but vets are now warning that excessive festive gluttony isn’t all lulzy online content.


In fact, vets have called out Christmas foods as especially shitty for canines, and have noted a worrying uptick in pets presented to their clinics with ailments stemming from too damn much ham, lamb, or turkey.

Speaking to the ABC, Dr Anne Fawcett of the Sydney Animal Hospital Inner West said “dogs also have that ability to turn on the charm and before long they will have eaten a bit of this and a bit of that from just about everyone at the table, which equates to a lot of food.”


The problem arises when their poor little digestive tracts struggle to cope with the copious amounts of fats and salt found in many traditional Chrimbo meals. As a result, Dr Fawcett says she’s seen “plenty of dogs following Christmas with vomiting and diarrhoea.”

Even worse: pancreatitis from especially rich foods (snags were pointed out as particularly rough on pooches) and the threat of raw bones getting stuck somewhere in your doggo’s system.

While your leftovers have probably exhausted themselves by this stage, it may be worth noting feeding your furry mate people food is grouse in the short term, but could render them as immobile as you post-Christmas nap in the longrun.