Aussie Theroux Fan Cops Free Tix, Meet ‘N Greet For His Half-Similar Head

If I were to name two things that Louis Theroux loves, they would be documentaries and… uh, actually, no, I can only name one thing. The man bloody loves making documentaries. In school they probably called him “documentary boy” (unconfirmed).
He’s taken a brief break from asking scary people very abrupt questions to do a range of speaking dates in Australia, and appears to be having a pretty wild time.

In the latest update in his adventures, he reckons he found his doppelgänger (a German word which here means “Guy that I guess looks kinda similar? I guess?) at one of his shows in Melbourne. I’ll let you be the judge:

Do they look the same, or are they both just middle-aged white men with glasses and similar haircuts? Look, Louis thought it was enough to give the bloke free tickets. Congrats to you, Wayne.

Louis put the call out last week for lookalike and said he’d give two free tickets to the fan who looked the most like him, and I guess it wasn’t a terrible result.
There aren’t any shows left so if you really, really want to see him in person, I guess you’ll just have to stalk him? Don’t though, that would be weird.
Photo: Twitter.