Aussie IG Influencer Arrested In Indonesia Says Her Grandparents Had To Pay $40K To Free Her

Aussie Instagram model Tori Hunter has returned home to Adelaide having spent four days in an Indonesian holding cell. The 25-year-old claims she was arrested at Denpasar Airport earlier this month for carrying two prescription medications she uses to treat her anxiety and ADHD.

Hunter told ‘A Current Affair‘ she had been “treated like a dog” by Indonesian authorities after she declared the medication, but admitted she was carrying more than she needed for her planned six-day trip.

“I wanted to let my hair down but instead I got locked up,” she said.

“We just wanted to do a bit of tourism stuff, go out to the clubs and things like that.”

Hunter’s grandfather, Kevin, is largely responsible for Tori’s return home – but it came at a cost. Shortly after being notified that his granddaughter had been arrested, Kevin contacted the Australian Consulate, which he says emailed him a list of local lawyers that could be used for representation.

Kevin claims one of those law firms was Nexus Law Firm and said he received a call from a lawyer at Nexus instructing him to send the firm US$25,000 or his granddaughter could face five years jail.

“I was instructed not to go to the media and keep it to myself,” said Kevin.

With nowhere else to turn, Kevin dipped into his retirement fund and paid the US$25,000 in full. Four days later, Tori was freed.

Hunter’s medication included valium and dexamphetamine, and while her story is unusual it is not unheard of. Make sure you check with the Indonesian Embassy before traveling with prescription medication – some medicines and strong painkillers could be considered illegal narcotics.

You can apply for a Certified Letter of Approved Medicines through the embassy to offer up if you’re confronted at the airport, but the letter alone is not a guarantee that you will be exempted from checks or legal consequences.