Aussie Charged After Allegedly Toppling Old Lady During Zombie Bike Ride

File this one to: Aussies (allegedly) being dickheads overseas.

An Australian woman has been charged with felony battery after an alleged drunken attack on an old lady during the annual Zombie Bike Ride in Florida Keys.

Prue Elizabeth Harvey, 32, from Yamba in New South Wales, was arrested after allegedly shoving local Linda Malcolm, 68, off her bike as she was participating in the event.

Prue Elizabeth Harvey. Credit: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

She had apparently been in town for a wedding, and according to the police report, was so drunk she didn’t remember the assault.

Malcolm’s daughter told police that Harvey had been running in and out of the parade and giving another family “dirty looks” before pushing over her mum.

“Harvey ran past and yelled “Fall bitch!” at Malcolm,” the report said.

“Harvey had no recollection of the above incident. She smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage. She was at a bar earlier and was unable to recall anything she had done after 1300 hours.”

She’s been charged with felony battery, rather than the lesser offence of misdemeanour, because Malcolm was aged 65 or older.

That charge carries with it a sentence of up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $US 5,000 ($6,500).

[With a sigh, we move the ‘Days Without An Aussie Embarrassing Us Overseas’ counter back to zero.]