Auburn Mayor Shamelessly Pisses Off Locals, Shuts Down Street For Own Wedding

Look. Say what you will about the life, the choices of Auburn’s Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer, but you cannot deny the man’s utter audacity to stay committed to his craft: planning and executing what could well be NSW’s most tacky lavish wedding in history.

The story goes: Deputy Mayor Mehajer decided to not do his wedding by halves; instead enlisting $50 MILLION-worth of luxury cars, one Missy Higgins to perform at the reception, four helicopters and a series of stretch limousines on his big day yesterday.

According to 9 News, Mehajer took it one step further: dropping leaflets in Lidcombe residents’ letterboxes, falsely claiming a street closure to accommodate the cavalcade was approved by council. The pamphlet read:

“Dear Frances Street Residence [sic], please work with our traffic control team to have NO vehicles parked on Frances Street Lidcombe between 14th August 2014 from 12pm till 10pm on 15th August 2015.

As such ALL entry into Frances street from Maud Street and Edith Street will be blocked, only residents parking in their properties will be allowed.

All entry will be blocked TOTALLY on 15th August 9AM till 2PM. Roadwork hats will be left on the road, any cars left or parked illegally during this time will be towed and removed by police as per DA approval.”

Local police described the event as “out of control” while onlookers claimed the stunt would lose him votes, according to 9 News. Police are reportedly sending Mehajer “the bill” for disruptions.

The opulence of the wedding goes further, as demonstrated by the couple’s pre-wedding video: self-proclaimed as “AUSTRALIA’S BEST WEDDING FOR 2015“, and presented below without commentary.

On Facebook yesterday, Mehajer wrote, “To all the haters.. *keephating*.” 

You do you, m8.

via 9 News.
Image via Facebook.