Auburn Deputy Mayor Dares Police To Investigate Wedding, They Comply

Auburn Deputy Major Salim Mehajer, the man who has captured the nation’s attention like nobody since Bachelor Blake, has essentially told authorities to ‘COME AT ME, BRO’, as an investigation into the details of his lavish wedding looks set to commence.

Mehajer has slammed the furore surrounding his wedding, which featured fleets of luxury vehicles and a helicopter and shut down a suburban street, as “absolute nonsense.”
“They can investigate all they like,” he added. “I’ve got nothing to hide.” 
News Corp report that the NSW State Government have ordered a report into the closure of Frances Street, after Mehajer sent a letter to residents demanding that they clear it of cars, even though he has no authority to do so.  
Auburn Council say that they certain permits were issued for the day, but only for filming. “The subsequent disruption which the police had to deal with is regrettable and council was not forewarned,” they said in a statement.
Police are reportedly looking through wedding photos and videos for infractions, and his elaborate pre-wedding film, below, is also apparently the subject of some concern – specifically the part in which he waves what appears to be a gun at the camera. 
The government will also review certain laws that allowed Mehajer to build his property empire, specifically one that allows councillors who are also property developers to vote on regulations that can affect their own investments.
While it is not suggested that Mehajer broke any laws, some are questioning whether the council’s current rules create the potential for conflicts of interest.
We are truly #blessed to be alive during Salim Mehajer’s 15 glorious minutes.
Image via Facebook