Ashley Madison’s Genius New Security Tool Slaps Zorro Masks On Profile Pics

Hey, remember the site which championed wanton infidelity before having the ever-loving shit hacked out of it? 

The site whose security breach spawned a collective pants-browning among cheaters worldwide? 
The online cesspool which is still trying to convince dodgy characters that it’s a foolproof way to get their jollies under their partner’s noses?

Yeah, that one. Well, as hard as it is to conceptualise, the troubled tale of Ashley Madison may have just reached its head-slappingly stupid conclusion. 
As if we exist in some Scooby-Doo universe where donning a shit mask is enough to throw everyone else off, the site is apparently allowing users to edit their photos to include some rinky-dink facial coverings with the intention of protecting their identities. 
Really. Truly-duly, this is a thing they’re doing. 

Users have now been given the option between a black or a brown Zorro mask, or a more traditional / skeevy black bar to slap over their faces. 

While it’s obvious that kiiinda defeats the purpose of having photos in the first place, it’s also a stunningly opaque way of convincing users their identities are safe: you can’t exactly slap a mask over millions of users‘ emails and passwords, can ya?
Then again, new sign-ups might not be too in-tune with the concept of dignity, so one of those bad boys won’t do much to deter ’em anyway. 

Source: News Corp.
Photo: Twitter.