Ash Ketchum, Enemy Of Zubats, Has Finally Won A Pokémon League After 22 Years

Twenty-two years after first stepping foot into the Pokémon universe’s Kanto region, Ash Ketchum (and Pikachu) have triumphed in their ultimate goal: winning the Pokémon League.

Ketchum’s trials and tribulations have been chronicled for generations, glorified in television and emulated in games for years. And while gamers have been able to take the reigns on Ketchum’s life in the past, training pokémon however they’d like on GameBoys of every generation in a quest to win the game and beat the Final Four, the television-version of the forever 10-year-old protagonist had always seen him stumble.

Crashing out in the final 16 in his first effort at the competition, Ketchum’s journey saw him reach the Top 8 three times and even reach the final once, but he was never able to clinch it, that is until the last episode of ‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’ went live.

And while Ketchum has won things in the past, like the Orange Island’s competition and Battle Frontier, neither are regions and don’t qualify as a league.

Finally, we have reached the valuable ending point of a journey that took literal decades. Nevermind that the pokémon are now called things like iPhonemon (looks like an iPhone) and Parachutemon (looks like a parachute). What matters is that Ash finally made it. All he had to do was keep trying (and save the world a handful of times, whatever). Here’s to a true champion (and wonderful, lengthy storytelling).