Armed, Fully-Clothed Cops Stormed A Bucks Party At A Sydney Strip Club

In the early hours of this morning, a NSW Police tactical unit raided the Dollhouse strip club in Kings Cross in a frankly f’kn massive operation that saw dozens of officers enter the premises, and surrounding streets blocked off with police cars. 
Patrons and employees of the club were instructed to get on the ground and put their hands on their heads, and a number were searched as part of an operation targeting offences relating to drug supply and use, ‘indecent conduct’ and ID scanners. 
There were approximately 30 staff and 50 patrons in the venue, among them a group of men at a bucks party, who had absolutely no f’kn idea what was going on when police came flooding in.
One of the men told News Corp
“We went in, had a shot of some fireballs, sat at the table, got some dollars, got a lap dance.”

Another said that when police entered: 

“The music was still going … we thought it was part of the show.”

The men seemed to take the presence of armed officers in stride, with one saying:

“It makes for a good story; I don’t think I’ve ever been in a police raid before.”

Another patron, who was at the club with her husband, said that she had just arrived when police entered and began shouting ‘get on the ground’ at guests and staff. She said:

“I don’t even know what happened, we were sitting at the table, they came in, a whole heap of cops, and just lost their shit … Half of those girls were in nothing, underwear, nothing.”
According to NSW Police, the raid was part of Operation Pinocchio. They say that they made ten drug detections, seized several items and arrested two men, aged 26 and 39.
The club has been issued with a short-term closure notice, effective for 72 hours until 2am Wednesday November 9. They say that they are continuing to investigate licensing breaches and expect to make further charges. 
Source: NSW Police / News Corp.
Photo: Dollhouse / Facebook.