Anti-Schoolies Group Release Vid Showing $40K Of Damage Done To GC Unit

Last week the Surfers Paradise Alliance said they wanted to shorten your Schoolies, now some Gold Coast apartment owners have come out – again – in favour of banning the annual graduate pilgrimage entirely.
As evidence in the case the Gold Coast body corporate reform group plan to put forward to the state gov, they’ve released gnarly footage of Queensland Police surveying $40,000 worth of damage done last year to a Gold Coast apartment.

More than 60 school leavers allegedly smashed a unit wall and furniture, leaving holes in just about every wall, with plaster and rubbish strewn about the place willy-nilly.
The rich dudes/dudettes who own luxury apartments, and whose main concern is apparently “reputational damage to Surfers Paradise“, will also be including pics in their submission. 
The pics are truly eye-opening: people dancing on balconies (gasp!), bongs left in stairwells (shock!), and actual shit smeared on the walls (genuinely horrifying) – because millenials just want to watch the world burn.

The group’s stats are admittedly damning, although not entirely surprising: 
  • 121 noise breaches across the two Schoolies weeks
  • 36 emergency services attendances, including five for potential suicides or drug overdoses
  • Six fights broken up by police
  • Four schoolies found by police with drugs
  • One case of sexual assault investigated by cops
  • 13 schoolies evicted, half for drug possession, and the others for unit damage, excessive noise or balcony hopping
  • 48 fire doors jammed
They also have recorded incidences of knives being thrown off balconies, blood splattered in elevators, kids wizzing in a sauna, and the unavoidable: broken beer bottles in the pool.
I mean I’m not an expert, but I would think that perhaps the solution is not to Airbnb your swanky apartment out to a bunch of teenagers when you know their only intention is to get smashed and maybe get laid for ~seven days. They can stay in a backpackers 40 minutes away like everyone else.
The group are scheduled to meet with Communities Minister Shannon Fentiman next week on the Gold Coast.  
But their efforts will probably be fruitless, because it’s not like the government is technically responsible for the influx of youths in November anyway.
As Fentiman said: “The state government certainly doesn’t organise Schoolies or promote Schoolies. We provide the safety response.” 
Translated loosely that means: 

Photo: Sergio Dionisio / Getty.