Another Refugee Sets Herself Alight On Nauru, Remains In Critical Condition

Yet another refugee detained on Nauru is in an extremely critical condition after setting themselves on fire, ABC reports. 

It’s been reported the female refugee is currently undergoing treatment on the island, but an air ambulance has been called to the centre. 

The Nauruan government has issued a response to the incident, in which they doubled-down their assertion conditions for refugees on the island are acceptable. 

The Australian Asylum Seeker Resource Centre reports the refugee is from Somalia, who received medical care in Australia last week. 

The Department of Immigration confirmed they were aware of the situation, and are “supporting the Government of Nauru to identify appropriate medical treatment options.”

This incident comes less than a day after an Iranian refugee attempted to self-immolate before being stopped by guards.
Of course, this incident comes days after refugee Omid died in a Brisbane hospital from his self-inflicted burns. 

Absolutely, unequivocally tragic. We’ll update this story as it develops. 

Source: ABC. 
Photo: Ian Waldie / Getty.