Anonymous Posted A Leak Of Trump’s Personal Info, But It’s Bullshit

After internet collective Anonymous officially declared war on Donald Trump last month, we’ve been left waiting as to when this combat nerd squad was gonna deliver the goods. Well, they have. Or least they reckon so. They dumped a bunch of info into an online text document for your perusal:

However, a lot of it really isn’t valid, or even news at all. The phone number appears to be pulled from a tweet Trump did inviting followers to call a campaign hotline – it doesn’t appear to be his actual number that you can call and tell Trump that he sucks or whatever it is you planned to do with it.
The various addresses and contact details for Trump and his legal representation aren’t that big a deal either. There’s one tidbit of info that seems really juicy – his Social Security number – but if it’s real, we’ve seen it before. A team called HydraHacking Team dropped this stuff as a Facebook post last year.
But obviously, the American media is in full panic mode over the Trump ascendancy, so they’re publishing this shit like crazy. 
No big deal, at least not yet. They say in this video that they’ve got an April ‘attack’ planned. If it’s another info dump of old news, then we’re not holding our breaths just yet.
Source: Twitter.
Image: Getty Images / Brian Blanco.