Angelina Jolie Will Visit Asylum Seekers On Nauru For The UN

The Asylum Seeker issue is set to go Hollywood, with Academy Award-winning actor and activist Angelina Jolie to visit Nauru and its “offshore processing facility” in her capacity as a special envoy of the United Nations.

The visit comes as the result of a direct invitation from the Nauruan President Baron Waqa, who extended the invite whilst attending last months Global Summit to End Sexual Violence Against Women in Conflict, which Jolie opened through her UN role.
Immigration Minister Scott Morrison stated that the visit is a matter for the Nauruan Government and the Nauruan Government only. Meanwhile in a statement, the Nauru Government claimed that the visit will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the facilities for refugees in Nauru, which it claims are of world’s best standard.
This claim stands in general opposition to reports filed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which absolutely slammed the living conditions inside the Detention Centre last year, stating that they were “rat-infested, cramped, and very hot.
The exact date of the visit is not yet known.
Photo: Carl Court via Getty Images.