An Ex-Channel V Employee Is Going HAM With Insider Info On Twitter RN

In light of the sad news of Channel [V] closing their doors today, some of their ex-employees are paying tribute via social media. 
This includes Mitch Feltscheer, former member of staff and once-upon-a-time ‘Presenter Search‘ entrant. He’s now the Creative Director for Aussie music site Music Feeds.
His OG tweet spoke us of the heavy heart he felt for the current employees who would be made redundant, and also reminisced on some of the ~good times~ and the path Channel [V] set him on in life. However, his tweets soon descended into some funny, juicy, and truly excellent stories, all in 140 characters or less. 
See below for complete series of tweets, yo:

We’re not  on the legitimacy on that last one (pls confirm/deny Danny Clayton?), but if you’d like to keep an eye on Mitch’s account for future experiential Channel [V] goss/lol-worthy tales, you can here:
We’re a huge fan of this tweet-series. Thank you for this gift, Mitch. 
Source: Twitter
Photo: Twitter.