Justin Bieber Allegedly Punched A Guy Harrassing A Woman At A Coachella Party

According to TMZ (so please take it with a grain of salt), Justin Bieber intervened in a situation at a Coachella party, where an unknown man was assaulting a woman.

Reports coming from the Californian festival scene say that the man entered the party pretty bloody blotto, and upon seeing a woman who is suspected to be an ex-partner, approached her, grabbed her by the throat, and refused to let her go.

Justin, the Woman Respecter, made quick tracks to diffuse the situation – by giving old mate a swift knuckle sandwich to the face and held him against the wall so the woman could get away from him.

The man was then escorted out of the party by security, and was apparently later picked up by the cops for chasing down a car that Justin was believed to be in, screaming out his name – an attempt to challenge Biebs to a duel? Potentially.

Elsewhere, Biebs has been spotted taking selfies with Yodelling KidMason Ramsey, having a bit of a boogie to some of the acts, hanging out with Post Malone, and bringing church to Coachella by leading a Sunday worship session on a small stage, like the good Christian boy he is.

Now taking bets on whether his next album with be a Hillsong worship record.