All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Hits Sydney, Everyone Cries With Joy

Remember when you were a young child and the inside of an all-you-can-eat pizza or buffet restaurant seemed like the most magical place on earth? Where you could heap slices of pizza onto your plate to your heart’s content, and follow it up by pouring more soft serve ice cream into a bowl than anyone, both ice cream and bowl manufacturer alike, ever thought possible? What a magical, blissful, vomity time it was. But now that you’re an adult, doesn’t at least part of you secretly yearn for a return to those simple days of yore, but with an ever-so-slightly more adult slant? What if there were a way to enjoy the reckless abandon, the glutenous glee of old in the post-MasterChef everyone’s-a-goddamned-chef era? Well, WAIT NO MORE.

Sydney’s Surry Hills Uchi Lounge has been snapped up by the owners of Bondi Local, and is now open and operating as Pizza Autentico; a gourmet pizza joint that aims to look at the ages-old quandary of quantity or quality and boldly respond “Fuck it. Both.
For $20 you can enjoy a 90 minute old fashioned, hell-for-leather, eat-till-you-can’t-move pizza fest the likes of which you haven’t seen since Pizza Hut stopped offering Dinosaurs hand puppets. Or for the daytime eating champions, a $15, one-hour sprint is on offer during lunch.
The current record stands at around 11 or 12 slices, according to owner Hamilton Kings. So it’s well and truly possible for you to get your name up on the leaderboard. If they have a leaderboard. And if they don’t, buy one and put it in there. You deserve to have people fear your gastric wrath.
Happy eating, legends!
via Good Food.