Aldi To Sell $1 Beers Next Year

Discount supermarket chain Aldi have hit a new low this week, announcing that from next year, they’ll be stocking beers from just $1.

Despite the NSW government’s seeming never-ending battle on binge-drinking, the German-based chain got the go-ahead to start stocking dollar beers (and 80c light beers) across 34 of it’s stores, as well as wine for less than $3 a litre. Granted, it will probably taste worst than regurgitated motor oil, but at these prices…

The move has (quite obviously) upset health officials, particularly given that many of the approved stores are in high-risk regional areas already plagued with alcohol-related problems, including violence, underage drinking and eventual hospitalisation. NSW Health objected to many of the applications put forward by the discount retailer, who in turn have argued that compared to bigger booze chains like Dan Murphy’s they aren’t making a dent in the market.

Australians are ludicrously overtaxed on alcohol as-is, especially as compared to the UK and US. Whether this is a fight for the little man or a clever marketing ploy remains to be seen. No really, it’s OK. You can drink it first.

via Daily Telegraph.