Al Gore To Tony Abbott: ‘Change, Or Get Out Of The Way’

Former US Vice President Al Gore participated in what might well have been the weirdest and most bizarre press conference in Australian political history last week when he appeared side-by-side in support of Palmer United Party Grand Poobah Clive Palmer and his policies on climate change, which included support for the repeal of the highly controversial Carbon Tax. And whilst it seemed an unlikely pairing at the time – and, frankly, it still doesn’t sit terribly comfortably – once the full extent of the PUP’s proposed climate change stance was revealed, it at least kind of started to be a little less confusing.

In Australia not only to make everyone with a passing interest in local politics furrow their brows, but to speak at the Climate Reality Project conference, Gore was interviewed by Vice Australia about the infamous press conference, as well as his general opinion on Australia’s position, which included a very special message for Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
That message to Tone? “Change, or get out of the way.” Blunt and to the point, which is everything it needs to be.
As always, the prevailing argument in the Climate Change so-called “debate” is that the cost of doing something will forever far outweigh the price we’ll pay for doing nothing.
Photo: Marwan Naamani via Getty Images.