Air New Zealand Courts Skeptical Australian Hipsters

Is New Zealand a suitable hipster holiday spot? As the birthplace of Die! Die! Die!, Flight of the Conchords, Nom*D and Jane Campion we’d say yes – but don’t take our word for it. Narrated by comedian Rhys Darby, Kiwi Skeptics is an Air New Zealand web series which dupes different Aussie tourist types – the “Aussie Aussie”, the Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, the Europhile and the hipster – into visiting a place they never intended to in the hope that might actually like it.

The most relevant of course is “the hipster” which follows cycling enthusiast, photographer and winner of our inaugural Ray Ban Photography Awards Patrick Stevenson as he embarks on what he thinks is a trip to Berlin, Germany. After a terrifying mid-air bait and switch Stevenson lands in Wellington where he is greeted by Kiwi menswear blogger Isaac Hindin Miller whose sole task is to convince him that there is more to New Zealand than just “hobbits and dubstep”. We’re pretty sure he succeeds.