‘Affluenza Teen’ Is Finally Going To Jail, Only Cops 180-Days Per Victim

Ethan Couch a.k.a. the “affluenza teen”, who infamously avoided prison time despite killing four people while driving drunk, is finally going to jail.

He’s been sentenced to four consecutive 180-day sentences, one for each person he killed. He’ll also be serving that sentence in an adult prison, so do we call him “affluenza adult” now? Idk.
That moniker came about thanks to a psychologist successfully arguing that Couch, then 16, suffered from “affluenza”, a term not recognised by the American Psychiatrist Association but which is definitely a legit and real thing. 
His defence team argued that thanks to his “affluenza”, brought on by slack parenting and an ultra wealthy lifestyle, Couch was unable to determine right from wrong, and managed to get him the exceedingly light sentence of rehab, no jail time, and 10-years probation.
To cut a long story that involves strippers and beer pong short, he and his mother fled to Mexico (violating the terms of his probation), but were caught several weeks later after they used a mobile phone to order a pizza, which authorities then tracked.
His mother, Tonya, faces between two and 10 years in prison for hindering the apprehension of a felon.
Source: BBC.
Photo: Twitter.