Adnan Syed’s Sole Alibi From ‘Serial’ Is Writing A Tell-All Book ‘Bout It

Asia McClain, who was Adnan Syed‘s lone alibi in the first season of ‘Serial’ – as well as his now reopened trial – is writing a memoir about the experience, including her interaction with Sarah Koenig‘s podcast. 
Her story is called ‘Confessions of a Serial Alibi’ and claims to tell her side of the story for the first time. Which isn’t strictly true, as she has appeared on TV to talk about the trial. So there’s that.
It lands on June 7.
McClain’s claim is that Syed could not have murdered his girlfriend Hae Min Lee because he was with McClain at the library at the time when the murder was alleged to have taken place. The so-called ‘Asia Letters’ form a key part of the case in Syed’s favour.
That said, Syed’s lawyer has not called McClain to give evidence in the trial, for reasons that are not totally clear as yet.
Source: Vulture.
Photo: ABC.