Activists Raise Banner In Sydney Harbour, Plead The PM To #LetThemStay

GetUp!’s support of the #LetThemStay campaign is absolutely relentless, and they’ve apparently got some backup from other big-hitters in the activism sphere. 

In their efforts to ensure 267 asylum seekers are allowed to stay on Australian shores, the group has progressively bombarded Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in increasingly public arenas: after championing the viral hashtag which spurred thousands to take to the streets, they launched a video campaign that’s been viewed 600,000 times

Now, with a hand from Greenpeace, ActionAid Australia, and Amnesty International Australia, GetUp! & Co. might have made their most public protest yet, by flying the slogan against the iconic backdrop of Sydney Harbour. 

This campaign keeps getting bigger!This morning activists from Greenpeace Australia Pacific, ActionAid Australia,…

Posted by GetUp! on Saturday, 13 February 2016

After the stunt this morning, GetUp!’s Sally Rugg told The Guardian it was another concerted effort to convince the PM sending children off to detention in the Pacific is unconscionable, following the “profound moral leadership from churches, teachers and now doctorswho have risked their careers by offering help to the asylum seekers. 

The other three participating groups got in on the social media action, too.

At this point, it’s definitely not about getting Australian leadership to hear public sentiment on the issue. It’s about whether they’re willing to accept the states’ offers to house the refugees within our borders, or if they’ll continue to use offshore detention centres to the fullest capacity. 

Following the campaign’s surge, Turnbull has reiterated his ‘”firm line” on the issue, including his belief that any leniency displayed will be capitalised upon by people smugglers. There is the caveat of each refugee’s circumstances being addressed on a case-by-case basis, though. 

To be quite frank, we’re not sure how the message’s strength can be escalated from here, but there’s no doubt the movement won’t stop until every man, woman, and child in this red nation has been reached by the activists’ plea.

Source: Facebook / The Guardian.
Photo: Twitter.