A UK Tabloid Asked For Cleavage Pics & Blokes Won’t Stop Sending Theirs

The Sun newspaper – Murdoch‘s tabloid rag best known for its Page 3 girls – is having themselves a little competition.

They’re after pics of the breast cleavage in Britain, and they’re offering £1,000 prize money. Not a really good cleavage pic, mind. Not even the best pic. The breast pic, because when it comes to knockers there’s no stopping the puns. 

.head desk.gif.

While no one could really expect any better from a tabloid whose entire editorial policy is boobs, footballer-related scandals, boobs, immigrants stealing jobs / living off benefits (pick one), and bewwwwbs, the response from the ~internet at large~ has been rather heartening.

Honestly, we thought we’d found a live one here, but OH WAIT NO THAT IS NOT BOOBS:

Joke aside, if this entry from Dom Jenks of Manchester doesn’t take home the £1,000 prize money then quite frankly there’s just no hope for mankind, no hope at all.

!!! WINNER !!!

Case: rested.

Source / Photos: The Sun / Larrikins of Twitter United.