A Kid In The NT Went To Book Week As Hitler And Got A Fkn Award For It

Just when you thought the ‘kids wearing inappropriate Book Week costumes’ yarns were dry, a contender for king emerges: a boy at a private school in Alice Springs came dressed as Adolf Hitler. Because when you’ve done blackface, the only way to one up it is coming as the dictator of the Third Reich

And look, not only did the kid go dressed at Hitler, he was named as being one the best dressed. Ooft.
The principal of St Philip’s CollegeRoger Herbert, has been forced to apologise for the reasonably embarrassing chain of events that led to a child being dressed as Adolf fkn Hitler in front of Jewish exchange students at the school. Did I mention there just happened to be Jewish exchange students there? Well, there were!

“We got them together and apologised and they were fantastic, absolutely fantastic, and accepting,” Mr Herbert told 783 ABC Alice Springs.

“We also contacted the school to say look, this had happened, please understand.” 

Because this is Australia, this actually isn’t the first ‘school child dressed as Hitler’ scandal – check out this lovely one, as reported in 2010 by Yahoo! 7:

He said claims that other children had been chanting “Hitler” while the student was on stage were untrue.

“It was a form of voting,” he said. “I would strongly deny that the children were chanting ‘Hitler’, I take strong umbrage to that.”

Other characters’ names were also called out as part of the voting process. “Some people got upset because kids called out Hitler,” he said.

Just great areas all around, really. Just stare at this tweet for a little while and try to let your brain process it:

Source: ABC News.
Photo: St Phillips College.