A Bloke In WA Was Arrested For Stealing A Whopper From A Car While Naked

FILE UNDER: Aussie heroes we never knew we wanted, but we truly needed. 
Here’s your (hotly-anticipated, we’re sure) introduction to a bloke from Derby in Western Australia, who broke into a car because he spotted a tasty morsel he wanted to consume: an iconic Hungry Jack’s Whopper. 
The Derby Police, who have a rather enthusiastic social media coordinator (chronic over-user of exclamation points, but we’ll admit that this particular story could’ve even used a few more), tweeted about the incident:

According to PerthNow, the owner of the vehicle had asked a friend to buy him a bunch of Whoppers while visiting a town that had a Hungry Jacks. One of those burgers was left in the car, and was just too damn appetising for a passerby to just give up on. 
The car’s owner stopped him halfway through the break-in, at which point he calmly removed all of his clothes, and wandered off. Which we firmly believe is as genius as it is batshit insane. Rather than be angry AF, that car-owner would’ve been straight-up baffled. AMAZING. 
Bloody hell. Stunning. Bless you, ‘Straya. 
via PerthNow.