60 Mins’ Explosive Report On Cassie Sainsbury Is Totally Dividing Australia

The latest piece of chum thrown into the frenzy surrounding Adelaide woman Cassie Sainsbury, who is currently in a Colombian prison awaiting trial for drug trafficking, is courtesy of tonight’s 60 Minutes program – and it’s thoroughly divided public opinion. 
In an explosive investigative report, the program claims that Sainsbury was working as a FIFO sex worker in a Sydney brothel called Club 220. Channel 9 says that they’ve spoken to a number of sources confirming this story, including a woman who was interviewed anonymously in the broadcast.
Of course, the question remains – and is being asked on Twitter and Facebook, over and over again – so the fuck what? 

Obviously some people seem to think it’s relevant – whether because it proves her guilty (um, no it doesn’t) or just because it’s juicy. 

Regardless of whether Sainsbury is guilty or not, this kind of dirt-digging is at best totally irrelevant and at worst genuinely harmful. It’s gonna be interesting to see if and how this is dealt with by Australia‘s media watchdogs – but for now, I guess all we can do is hope they don’t get 60 Minutes in El Buen Pastor prison. 
Photo: Supplied.