’60 Mins’ Crew Let Off The Hook As Judge Agrees To Drop All Charges

Sally Faulkner, Tara Brown and the rest of the ‘60 Minutes’ crew are set to be released from custody within a matter of hours after a judge dropped all child abductions charges in a Lebanese court.
Charges against Faulkner were dropped by the father of the children on “compassionate grounds”, at the urging of the children. It’s unclear if it is a part of the bargain but she has ceded custody to the father.
In a separate deal, all four Channel 9 staffers will be released on the condition that an undisclosed sum is paid by tonight.
The prospect of a deal was announced earlier today, with Faulkner’s lawyer, Ghassan Moghabghab, hinting that they had “somehow” reached a “very positive” deal.
The crew got arrested when an attempt to help facilitate and subsequently film a child recovery operation turned into a horrible cock up. Police made the arrest when an attempt to recover (or kidnap, depending on your perspective) the kids off the street in broad daylight got ugly.
Faulkner and the crew will all be released as soon as payment of an unknown sum has been made by Channel 9.
Source: The Herald Sun.
Photo: Getty Images / Marwan Tahtah.