17-Year-Old Boy Busted With MDMA Among 39 Schoolies Arrests So Far

The annual goon and vomit-scented rite of passage that is Schoolies Week has kicked off on the Gold Coast, with tens of thousands of teens casting off the shackles of high school education and preparing to forfeit their apartment deposits. 
According to Queensland Police reports, there have been 39 arrests so far across two nights of celebrations, although only eight of those taken in were actual schoolies.  
On Friday night, a 17-year-old boy was apprehended on The Esplanade in Surfers Paradise, with police allegedly locating a number of MDMA tablets on his person. 
Saturday night saw a further seven schoolies arrested, for offences that mostly related to drug possession and public nuisance. 
A total of 31 non-school leavers have been arrested so far on the two nights of celebrations, with the toolies likewise being taken in for public nuisance and drug offences. 
Police say that they are “generally pleased with the behaviour of schoolies this year.” Early days, guys, early days.
Source: QLD Police.
Photo: Instagram.