All Ya Faves Are Playing A Huge Gig In Sydney Next Week For The SSM Cause

Musicians have historically been at the forefront of progression and social change, often using their popularity and power in order to try and support causes. One of the main ways they do this is by holding gigs, rockin’ out, and donating proceeds to charity. Punters get to buy a ticket to see a show they would have enjoyed anyway, basking in the knowledge that their dollaz are going to a great cause.

Music + Extra Feelings = Bliss.

Marriage equality in Australia is obviously a huge issue at the moment, and a bunch of excellent musos of all sexualities have decided to join forces for one huge night next week on the 12th of September, throwing a gig called the Unitythe Equality Campaign Concert at the beaut Enmore Theatre in Sydney.

All musicians are performing for free, and 100% of the profits are going straight to Australian Marriage Equality (AME). And the musicians are not some second-rate acts. Performing will be massive legends like Sarah Blasko, Jack Colwell, and Holly Throsby, who will all take the stage to perform a few songs in intimate solo fashion.

Then it’s time for the big jams, with fkn legends Killing Heidi, The Jezabels and Jay & Lindsay from Frenzal Rhomb also taking the stage. Massive.

A few of the performers have explained exactly why it is important for them to perform at an event like this, with Jack Colwell explaining what it’s like as a queer musician.

As a gay man it means a huge amount to me that all these musicians, both queer and non-queer, have come together to show their support for the LGBT+ community. Queer people in Australia continue to face discrimination every day, and it’s high time that the majority stood up for what is right.

Killing Heidi frontwoman Ella Hooper spoke to inequality.

I am embarrassed that marriage equality is still an unresolved issue in Australia – a country that loves to tout the ‘fair go for all’. That slogan rings hollow when ‘all’ are clearly not treated equally or given access to the same rights, procedures and protections of the law

And The Jezabels’ guitarist Sam Lockwood talked about the importance of allies stepping up.

The Jezabels believe in marriage equality. It is well overdue. Marrying someone you love is a basic human right. The gay community deserve better than this absurd plebiscite, however it is up to the rest of us to see it through and get it done. Vote ‘Yes’ for equality.

If this concert was put on with absolutely no purpose behind it, I would 100% still be getting a ticket. The fact that it is in support of such a great cause will make the music sound all the sweeter to my gay ears.

So get out and see some great music next week, while feeling good about yourself. Pick up tickets here.