X-Factorless Redfoo Joins Judging Panel Of ‘The X-Factor Australia’

Wiling away the hours until his inevitable death, X-Factorless performer (?) Redfoo has signed on to replace Guy Sebastian on the judging panel of Channel 7’s The X-Factor Australia, because irony; that, and these shows have a Fro Quota they have to meet. 

Speaking with The Sunday Telegraph, just a guy being himself Stefan Kendal Gordy of Houses Motown and LMFAO offered a taste of the excellent bullshit platitudes he’ll be sprouting as part of The X-Factor, the same nonsense that is the mainstay of these programs, often/always overshadowing the contestants themselves; spoken word gifts smelling strongly of frankincense, myrrh and crap, more compelling than watching another show about people singing about their dreams before fading into obscurity. Here are my favourites:
  • On Redfoo: “The main key for me is just being myself.”
  • On Redfoo: “What will happen is I will just get into a zone and that is what the world has gotten from Redfoo, just a guy being himself.”
  • On Redfoo: “I’ve just made it like a blank slate and I am just naturally going to go with whatever piques my interest at the time. I am going to let it happen, let me naturally be attracted to the talent.
And for his living arrangements? 
  • “I will be staying in an apartment or a house.”
Welcome, Stefan!
Photo: Mariana Massey via Getty