What do you get when you combine Bobby Fischer with Bobby Digital? Wu Chess, that’s what. Bring da ruckus?

From Wu-Tang themselves: “The game of chess, is like a swordfight. You must think first, before you move. Toad style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon. When it’s properly used, it’s almost invincible.” GZA often compares emceeing to sword fighting (case in point “Liquid Swords”, mandatory listening for any self respecting hip hop fan) so in a way playing chess is like rapping right? Right?

WuChess.com is touted as “the worlds first online chess and Hip-Hop community” once and for all combining the two disparate sub cultures of Gangsta Rap fans and Chess Nerds into one cohesive unit. Players can even hone their skills in “chambers” against simulated opponents, and create chess clans to rule the Wu-Chess universe. From Chappelle’s Show cameos to Jim Jarmusch shorts, is there any hip-hop group with this much cultural self awareness? Me thinks not. Bring Da Mother F***ing Ruckus!

Photo: Scott Gries via Getty Images.