Where The Wild Things Are Collaborates With Opening Ceremony, Hear New Karen O Track

The Where The Wild Things Are juggernaut will not rest until every facet of popular culture is spruiking its infallible greatness. This is not a bad thing – if it doesn’t suck. But if it bombs we’re all gonna feel slightly cheated for letting a bunch of guys in animal suits bend us over and have their way with us. Kinda like the one person at a Furry party who’s not really into it.

Having already courted the Pitchfork set (via Karen O and her indie superstar cavalcade), the literary nerds (via McSweeney’s Dave Eggars and Maurice Sendak himself) and most obviously, film buffs, Spike Jonze has now set his sights on the fashion pack by enlisting uber-cool NYC retailer Opening Ceremony and jewelry designer Pamela Love to create some WTWTA inspired product.

According to W magazine (via LA Racked) “Opening Ceremony’s founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim designed faux furs based on the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are, while enlisting Pamela Love to create “clawlike jewelry” in honor of the film’s October premiere. Jonze told the magazine: “Instead of just putting money in fast food and all that stuff, we want to do [projects] with people we’re really excited about…Humberto sent me the designs and I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’””

Though I’m all for marketing campaigns that eschew reach for relevance, I’m kinda bummed I won’t be able to buy a Where The Wild Things Are lunchbox for work. But considering the collaborations thus far I’ll probably be riding a Where The Wild Things Are fixie there instead. We’ve also been trying to post Karen O and The Kids’ first musical output “All Is Love” for a blogging millenia but an unresponsive Myspace profile has thwarted our attempts. If like us, you’re dying to hear the result of a supergroup trying to capture “whimsy” in sonic form all you have to do is press play on the video below…