Watch: This Insane Short Film Of A$AP Ferg’s Groovin The Moo Tour

If you were at Groovin the Moo this year, there’s a high chance you would have seen A$AP Ferg‘s electric performance. And if you are devo you missed out on it, this video is an absolute must-see.

A local Sydney videographer, Luke Eblen, joined A$AP Ferg on the tour and copped the most insane footage of the A$AP Mob dudes having a fucking sick time touring around Australia & New Zealand. 
His incredible video of the tour includes GTM shows and sideshows, interviews with A$AP Ferg, Marty Baller (Ferg’s lifelong friend/hypeman) and TJ Mizell (Ferg’s DJ), as well as ridiculously impressive aerial shots of the Townsville & Maitland crowds. 
Eblen’s footage covers not only the whirlwind that is touring with the ~trap lord~, but also beautiful and intimate moments where his subjects reflect on their eternal remembrance of the A$AP founder A$AP Yams, and how grateful they are to be touring as musicians. 
It also includes footage of Marty Baller and TJ roaming around the Maitland crowd, which is for the music video for Marty Baller’s track ‘Things We Go Through’.
“Ferg shares the stage with Marty Baller and TJ,” said Eblen. “All three are interesting as individuals, but they’re a powerhouse on stage together.” 
He ain’t lying. Watch below: