WATCH: The Temper Trap’s “Burn” Wants To Be Your 2016 Festival Track

Remember Temper Trap? Of course you do. Their 2008 album ‘Conditions’ and 2012 self-titled effort were blasted out of so many half-opened car windows on lazy warm days that you’d be perfectly forgiven for thinking that there was a new federal law saying the Trap had to be background music to ~chill summers~.

They vanished off the radar for a little while, but they’re cruising back slow with dripfed tunes from their new album ‘Thick As Thieves’. PEDESTRIAN.TV went to a little listening party last month which previewed some of the new album’s tunes and it was decent stuff – definitely, definitely oriented toward being big festival anthems.
Today they’ve dropped one of those tracks today, alongside a live video. It’s called ‘Burn’ and yeah, it’s fun. Not massive evolution from their old sound, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Temper Trap fans are very well inclined to big summery pop rock anthems, so why slam the brakes on that train, huh?
‘Thick as Thieves’ is out June 10.
Source: YouTube.