WATCH: Russian Dude 100% Nails The Imperial March On Coffee Stirrer

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is almost upon us, folks. 

For the first time in years, we’re going back to the Empire’s heyday. A universe untied, ordered, peaceful, except for a few, a-heh, rogue elements.
But with another week to go, we’re taking whatever #content we can get, and this one’s a bloody ripper.
In a video currently blowing up Reddit, an unnamed Russian man plays ‘The Imperial March’ theme on a coffee-stirrer. That’s it, it’s great, and there’s no way we’re giving in to the suggestion that it’s a fake (he taps the computer before he starts, but c’mon that could have been for anything).
On top of being well-timed and creatively made, the music is weirdly hypnotic. I am on my fourth replay, and show no sign of stopping.
Give it a squiz below:
Source and photo: Youtube.