Watch PERi-Perks Winners Play Our Version Of ‘The Hunger Games’

When you think of the many SuPPrises we’ve been dishing out to our PERi-Perks members, the words ‘hunger’ and ‘games’ will inevitably come up. For this round of member rewards – screenings of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2’ across Australia – those two things were particularly relevant. 

Upon arrival at the screening, after having won free tickets to the much anticipated blockbuster, our lucky PERi-Perkers were treated to a sit-down Nando’s feast and given an abundance of movie ready snacks to keep them going throughout the thrilling conclusion of the Hunger Games series. 

While they were waiting for the main attraction, we chucked a few questions out to see who thought they had a shot at the games, what Nando’s meals would keep them going along the way and who could down the most Hot PERi-PERi sauce.  

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