Watch New Videos By Kanye West, Eminem

Here is what we think is the official, much hyped music video for Kanye West’s single “Power”.

The video director Marco Brambilla told Vulture:

“The iconography comes from Roman iconography, Renaissance iconography, and it connects to the sexuality of the music as well. As we reveal the setting for it, there’s a feeling of a moment of transition for him. A fall from grace, if you will. It visualizes power, and him as the icon as power, and then at the end of the piece it challenges the power that I set up at the beginning. It’s an elliptical piece of storytelling.”

Translation: bor-ring.

While you’re here you might as well take a look at the just-dropped video for “Love The Way You Lie” by Eminem featuring Rihanna on guest vocals. It stars Dominic Monaghan (Lord Of The Rings, Lost) and Megan Fox, which still manages to make it only slightly more interesting than Kanyizzle’s.

What ever happened to good hip hop music videos? Seriously, when was the last time you saw one that made you go ‘holy shit that’s awesome’? Suggestions welcome!

Main Image by: Timothy A. Clary via Getty