WATCH: Loose Units Gatecrash Perth’s Listen Out Festival 2nd Year In A Row

You saw the footage of 2014’s carnage, in which a bunch of Perthites decided to go full ~HULK SMASH~ against one of the fences around Listen Out Festival

Last year, those penniless guys and gals were clearly quite keen to see Flume and/or Schoolboy Q; this year, the charm of rapper Childish Gambino proved too strong to stay within the boundaries of the law, and outside the boundaries of Ozone Reserve.

While some of the gatecrashin’ geniuses appear to make it into the festival by ducking through the wooded area (and running v v fast), most seem to get stuck, panic, and run back out the gates after the polizia rock up with their sirens blaring.

According to reports, it’s currently not known if anyone was injured or arrested. We will update this story when more information is released. 

via 9 News.