Watch Cut Copy Sweat It Out On Swedish TV

Cut Copy have really been getting some good mileage for their latest record.

It seems like only yesterday that they were bringing dudes in gorilla suits to Fallon and before we’ve blinked, thet’re on the otherside of the planet pimping their wares for Swedish TV program Klubbland.

This time they don’t have animal friends but they do offer the great bonusin the shape of In Ghost Colours highlights, ‘Hearts On Fire’ and ‘Lights & Music’, which they serve up after ‘Take Me Over’, which, y’know, they’re contractually bound to play until they die. Also hear them make jokes about how their name sounds a lot like ‘coffee’ and go crate-digging at the beginning, while marveling at just how much singer Dan Whitford sweats once they start playing. Bloody Europeans.

via P4K (obviously)