Mason Ramsey, the internet phenomenon otherwise known as Yodeling Boy, has just taken his talents to the opening weekend of the Coachella festival, because 2018 is truly a weird time to be alive, man.

Several weeks ago, a video of Ramsey performing Hank Williams‘ ‘Lovesick Blues‘ in a Walmart, complete with a bow tie and cowboy boots, went viral, and he rode his fame to a series of TV and live appearances.

He charmed the hell out of Ellen – admittedly not hard to do when you’re a cute kid – and played a massive concert in a Walmart parking lot, and overnight, shared a Coachella stage with Chicago EDM producer Whethan.

He’d apparently had several invitations from other artists to perform during the festival, including one from Post Malone, but a scheduling conflict got in the way of that. Here are a few videos of Yodeling Boy doing his thing at the Sahara Tent:

Justin Bieber, who also shot to viral fame as a child, was there to take it all in:

Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd are headlining Coachella, and Yodeling Boy may or may not be joining one of them – he probably won’t, to be honest.

In case you missed it, here he is performing on Ellen:

Source: Stereogum
Image: Getty Images / Natt Lim